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We have taken every possible precaution to safeguard your security while making purchases at National Police Supply's online store. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable shopping here as you would from a catalog or a retail store. When you submit sensitive information via the website, your information is absolutely safe, both online and offline.


When our website asks you to enter sensitive information, such as your credit card number, it is protected with the most advanced software currently available - 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. This ensures that your personal information, credit card number, and order information always encrypted when transmitted on the Internet.

Your browser will indicate that you're in a secure area by displaying https:// instead of http:// in the address line. The "s" indicates a secure connection.

In addition, your browser will verify that you're in a secure area by displaying a padlock icon in the status bar at the bottom of the window.


Once you have completed your order online, we take additional precautions to protect the confidentiality and privacy of the information stored on our computer networks. National Police Supply operates in a secured and locked facility which is monitored internally by a sophisticated alarm system, and externally by a private security firm. All National Police Supply servers, including web servers and database servers, are housed and maintained in secure locations. Access to the database is strictly monitored and protected from outside access. Internet access is restricted and protected by multiple firewalls and password protection. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job are granted access to personally identifiable information, which is controlled by password protected systems, and monitored for abuse.

If you have any questions or concerns about National Police Supply's security practices, you can call us at 1-760-599-4410 or refer to our Contact page.