Strong Leather Co. Centurion Double ID Badge Wallet, Dress Style

  • Manufactured by: Strong Leather Company


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This wallet features two ID windows along with money, credit card and badge sections. (See Model 79500 for 3" wide badges.

Model 79900
• ID Size 3" x 4 1/2"
• Maximum Badge Width 2 3/4"

Model 79910
• ID Size 2 3/4" x 4"
• Maximum Badge Width 2 1/2"

Model 79980*
• ID Size 3" x 5"
• Maximum Badge Width 2 3/4"

Model 79990* (STW)**
• ID Size 3" x 5"
• Maximum Badge Width 2 3/4"

* The 79980 & 79990 are designed with bound windows and for ID's that are on a commission book.

** Slide Thru Window.

Strong designed the Centurion line of imported badge cases, wallets, badge holders and other products to meet your requirements. All the products are made of genuine leather and the quality you expect. Most badge cases and wallets have turned edges for a dressier look. They also feature framed windows for your ID and black suede dividers to protect your badge finish. Most products have rounded corners so you can easily put it in your pocket and prevent the corners from curling.

Strong Leather Co. currently offers over 1800 separate badge cutouts, and these products are custom cut to fit the exact dimensions of your badge. It is imperative that you be as specific as possible regarding the make and model of your badge. Generic descriptions like "seven point star" are not sufficient.

We suggest consulting the manufacturer's website for more specific information on the badge cutouts available.

Due to the specific nature of these products, they are special order items, custom built to your specifications, and are not returnable. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.