Action Target Clearing Trap - Tabletop for Handguns

  • Manufactured by: Action Target
For Handguns only.

Dry firing a gun is often necessary to check its status and insure all rounds have been removed. Action Target's stand alone and new tabletop PT Clearing Traps make this a safe and simple process. Check your firearm with complete confidence that the armored steel chamber filled with chopped rubber will safely contain any unexpected shots fired.

Both of the PT Clearing Traps are perfect for shooting ranges, locker rooms, armories, courthouses, gunsmiths, and correctional facilities.

Similar devices on the market can cost as much as $800, but both of the PT Clearing Traps cost significantly less than that. This technology does not have to be expensive.

• Safely check handguns or long guns
• Retrieve bullets whole if necessary
• Stand alone or tabletop models
• Attractive, heavy-duty designs
• 16"x16"x8"W