ESS Asian-Fit Profile NVG Goggles

  • Model: ESS-740-0123
  • Manufactured by: Eye Safety Systems


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ESS Asian-Fit Profile NVG Goggles specifically designed to fit Asian faces and be worn over eyeglasses. New Asian-Fit design by ESS features flatter lens curves with undistorted optics. Extra-padded face foam provides superior comfort, absorption, and a gap-free fit. ESS goggles features high-impact polycarbonate lenses, which can stop a shotgun blast from 35 feet. The flatter lens curve and soft-yet-durable molded face foam provide increased comfort and a tight, sealed fit for hours of extended use. This goggle by ESS has exceptional fog resistance and can be worn over most prescription eyeglasses.

The ESS Asian-Fit Profile is the only compact military/tactical goggle system specifically designed to contour Asian faces. The Asian-Fit profile has all the advantages of a low-profile, night-vision compatible frame, without sacrifices in dust filtration, field in view, impact protection, or anti-fog performance.


• Asian-Fit
• Mil Spec
• ANSI Compliant
• Interchangeable Lenses
• Soft Face Padding
• Extra-Wide Field of View
• 2.8mm Lenses
• Night-Vision Compatible
• ClearZone FlowCoat Lens Coatings
• Comfortable fit with all standard helmets, and an extra-wide field of view
• New Asian-fit low-profile frame design is compatible with night vision system
• Molded face foam conforms to fit Asian faces
• Full-perimeter ventilation and filtration system prevents lens fogging while filtering out airborne particles, dust and splashes
• Optically-correct polycarbonate lenses for distortion-free vision
• Lenses are extra thick (2.8 mm) with 100% UVA/UVB protection, and premium Clear Zone anti-fog / anti-scratch coatings
• Goggle lenses have very high impact resistance, well beyond the ANSI Z87.1 requirements, and above the level of the US Military spec: MIL-DTL-43511D
• Clear and Smoke Gray lenses included with all military products
• ESS Modular Technology allows for easy replacement of all product components


• ESS Asian-Fit Profile NVG Goggles, Black, 740-0123
• Asian-fit high-impact lenses (Clear and Smoke Gray)
• Soft Case
• Anti-reflective SpeedSleeve