Fobus Paddle Style Double Magazine Pouch


  • Manufactured by: Fobus

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Made of a unique high-tech injection molded plastic, these magazine holders offer a fit that is impossible to duplicate with leather or other materials. They offer security and comfort with unbelievable retention. Lightweight and impervious to hot or cold weather, they will provide a lifetime of maintenance-free use.

The following models are available:

Model 4500P:
1911 Government (Single Stack)
Ruger 97 (Single Stack)
Ruger 90 (Single Stack)
Sig Sauer P220 (Single Stack)
Sig Sauer P245 (Single Stack)

Model 6900P:
Glock .357
H&K .40
Glock 9mm
Glock .40
H&K 9mm

Model 6900PS:
Sig Sauer .357

Model 6909P:
Springfield XD
Walther .40 (Double Stack)
Walther 9mm (Double Stack)
Ruger .40 (Double Stack)
Ruger 9mm (Double Stack)
Browning Hi-Power
Beretta M9 (Double Stack)
Beretta 96 (Double Stack)
Beretta 92 (Double Stack)
Sig Sauer (Double Stack)
Smith & Wesson 5906
Taurus PT-92
Taurus PT-99

Model 6936P:
Glock 36

Model 6945HP:
H&K .45
H&K .45 Compact
Smith & Wesson 99 .45

Model 6945P:
Glock 20
Glock 21
Glock 29
Glock 30
Taurus PT-145
Para Ordnance (Double Stack)

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