Ripoffs CO-184EP Clip-On Motorola RAZR Cell Phone Case


  • Model: RIP-CO-184EP
  • Manufactured by: Ripoffs Brand Products

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This product fits units measuring 3-3/4" to 4" x 1-3/4" to 2" x 1/2" to 1", including the following:

• BenQ Siemens EF81
• HTC Clamshell SmartPhone
• LG C3310, F7250T, KG800, P7200, PM225, U880
• Motorola V3 RAZR
• Samsung MM-A900, SCH-A840, SCH-A930, SCH-A970, SGH-c207, SGH-t209, SGH-D307, SGH-t309, SGH-t319, SGH-E335, SGH-t609, SGH-E635, SPH-A560, SPH-a580, SPH-A800, SPH-A820, SPH-a840, SPH-A880, SPH-A900,
• Sony Ericsson K500i, K510a, W300i, W600i, W710i, Z710i

Made with U.S. materials of durable Nylon Pac-Cloth and Closed-Cell Foam for padding. Fitted with Ripoffsฎ plated steel clip which can be worn with or without belt for easy-on, easy-off access. Velcro closure.

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