ASP Tactical Defender for Friction Loc Batons


  • Model: ASP-52854
  • Manufactured by: ASP, Inc.

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The ASP Tactical Defender is the most tactically sophisticated chemical weapon currently available to law enforcement personnel. Easily carried and readily available, the Tactical Defender has incredible pyschological deterrence and unparalleled control potential.

The Tactical Defender provides low profile, yet devastatingly effective aerosol protection. It allows an officer to keep the two most commonly used intermediate force weapons (pepper spray and a baton) instantly at hand in a non-threatening, instantly accessible format. Attaches to any ASP baton.

The Tactical Defender employs straight line activation to place 10% concentration of pepper spray directly on target.... even in the dark. Replaceable Heat Inserts are custom formulated. They dispense Oleoresin Capsicum (2 million Scoville Heat Units) in a cone shaped spray. Inert (Test) Inserts are ideal for training simulations. A Conversion Tube allows the use of Key Defender Inserts.

Available in Black (#52854).

Some restrictions apply. Consult our Defensive Spray Restrictions (PDF) for more information.

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