• Model: SF-A2-HA
  • Manufactured by: SureFire

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Originally developed for professional aviators -- who needed a light bright enough to illuminate a 747's tail section from the ground, yet not so bright that it would degrade their night vision when used in the cockpit -- the A2 Aviator is perfect for anyone needing a high and low beam in a single long-running flashlight. In other words, it's perfect for campers, hikers, boaters, everyone.

Constructed of aerospace grade aluminum with a super-rugged, military specification hard-anodized finish (Olive Drab Green), and powered by two lithium batteries (10-year shelf life), the 5.6 inch, 4.0 ounce Aviator features a high-output incandescent lamp surrounded by three LEDs (light emitting diodes) set in a specially designed parabolic reflector. The Aviator's LEDs are available in five color choices: White, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow-Green, the latter being the most-used color for aviation cockpit displays.

The Aviator's unique digitally controlled two-stage switching mechanism allows the user to choose LEDs for close-up work or the high output lamp for full power applications. Digital current regulation circuitry provides a more consistent (even) level of incandescent light output and color temperature for the useable life of the batteries.

Even after the Aviator's batteries have been depleted to the point that they will no longer power its incandescent lamp, plenty of energy remains to power the LEDs for many more hours. The digital current regulation circuitry also extends the life of the incandescent lamp by allowing for a "soft start" instead of subjecting the tungsten filament to the potentially damaging voltage spike that occurs when turning on an unregulated light.


● Batteries: Two lithium 123A 3.0 Volt with 10-year shelf life (included)
● Lamp Assembly/Runtime: SureFire MA02 high-output incandescent lamp producing 50 lumens of white light for 60 minutes -- three LEDs producing three lumens max output for 15 hours, followed by over 30 hours of minimal output
● Construction: CNC machined aerospace-grade aluminum. Military specification hard-anodized finish for extreme corrosion and wear-resistance. Impact and scratch-resistant Pyrex lens window, removable steel pocket clip
● Length and weight (with batteries): 5.6 inches / 4.1 ounces
● Flawless white beam, always in focus
● Patented lock-out tailcap feature allows the light to be locked in the off position to prevent unintentional activation during storage or transportation
● Lightweight and slim, with an upgraded removable steel pocket clip
● Weatherproof
● Perfect for placement in your flight suit, backpack, or pocket. You'll only notice it when you need it
● Includes Z60 Lanyard System

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