Monadnock MX-18 Positive Lock Expandable Baton


  • Model: MON-2500
  • Manufactured by: Monadnock Products

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The MX-18 expandable baton features a 1" (2.54 cm) epoxy shaft housed in an anodized aluminum with a foam grip. Monadnock Positive Lock Batons are lightweight, all aluminum expandable batons. They use a push button mechanism that keeps them from collapsing until you need them to. This also eliminates the awkward closing procedure associated with most Friction Lock Batons. These batons can be used with virtually all standard baton techniques and tactics or training programs. Like all Monadnock® products, these batons carry a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee.

For California residents, submit the Impact Weapon Statement (PDF) with a copy of your law enforcement or security guard identification with your order.

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